Monday, July 6, 2009


thomas had a challenging week.

we decided nathan should come down for the rest of the summer to be with his beloved dad. how nice to have both our adult children with us.

thomas has lost significant weight, yet his eyes reveal the depth of his kind heart. his spirit is renewed by his Savior every day. we love thomas so very much, just like so many others do.

his sister and mother, my brother and his daughter, fortunato, shust, shust, and shust families, hess and hess families and lagios/sullivan family(soon) have visited and laughed and cried and reminisced and filled our fridge and did chores and ministered in music. what sweet fellowship we had.

thomas is feeling better today.


  1. I hear the love in your every word as you describe Tom. Please let him know you are all in the Jackson's prayers. We miss seeing you outside of our window. I am here any time you may need an ear, Patty. What a witness you are.

  2. Tom & Patty,
    We are praying for both of you -- asking for you to be totally aware of God's presence in your lives.
    We are so glad that your family is with you.
    Bill and Sandy Joseph

  3. what a blessing it was for us! I met with my pastor yesterday and told him that playing for Tom in that room, when he was falling asleep was probably them most meaningful worship I have ever experienced. Tom thanked me for lulling him to sleep, but God ministered to my heart as well. Tom ministered to our hearts. You all did.
    much love