Friday, August 14, 2009


many of you may know that on 8/4/09 a memorial service was held for thomas.

the service was exceptionally beautiful, uplifting and emotional for all.

aaron shust sang 4 songs from his new CD that was released the day of the memorial.

thomas' sister MaryPat, nathan and tia spoke about their much loved brother and father.
BaBa, thomas' mother wore an outfit that thomas had remarked in the past about how nice she looked in it.

Pastor Jeff reminisced for a few minutes about some of the things he remembered about our family since attending chippewa for the last six years and about how much he loved thomas for his faith and friendship.

guests at the service were invited to sing along with two of thomas' favorite hymns.

a slide show created by nathan of the life of thomas was shown prior to the service. a video interview recorded by the pastor this past april was also shown.

another life in pictures slide show of thomas was shown at the end while a very moving song was played.

well over 600 family, friends, acquaintances, former and present church families, and neighbors were in attendance.

refreshments were served afterwards that allowed guests a time to speak to the family members.

we all miss thomas so terribly much and as his widow i must go on without him and seek God's direction for this uninvited new journey that i am on.
thomas and i will grow old together, me on the outside and he on my inside.

as the words of martin luther king jr were spoke years ago, they apply to thomas now.....
free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty he is free at last!

thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for sharing in this blog.