Thursday, March 26, 2009

progress update

thomas was fitted for his mobilized wheelchair. nathan and tia always made fun of the hoveround
wheelchair commercials and now their dad is in one. he is having severe muscle spasms continuously and are considering botox injections to the abductor muscles. we are very strongly planning for a 5/1 moving date. i am overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing his 24/7 health needs and dissolving the business and selling our home. thomas will still retain his business line of 724-728-1761 and will refer calls to his contractor contacts if any interest is shown. we appreciate all the love, concern, offers of help, and mostly the prayers.

Monday, March 23, 2009

thomas was in the hospital for a day and then released this past sunday due to a fever and severe muscle spasm. he is feeling better to be under his wife's TLC.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Thomas is currently enduring 3 infections in his system. He is still unable to move from the waist down due to the thyroid cancer that spread to his spine, yet he has sensation in his legs. He did move his knees (movement generated from the hips) and a toe. He experiences severe spasms quite frequently each day. We are still planning to relocate to Charlotte, NC to be near Tia and Thomas Michael. The oncologist said to go for it if that is our desire. We would like to move by the beginning of May. Pray for Nathan as he must finish college at Slippery Rock and we need our home to sell. Thomas requires 24 hour a day care and I have the privilege to meet that need along with home health care 3 times a week. Thomas never complains and remains positive due to the grace of our Lord that has been given.