Thursday, July 11, 2013


can't realize it is 4 years since you left us on your 52nd birthday.

again our grandson made you a cake and released a balloon.  this is the first
time he had tears in his eyes.  said he didn't want to have to send that balloon.
he is an old sensitive soul for 7 young years.  he bought me a gift and made a
card with both of our names.  he doesn't separate us in his little mind and heart.

in my heart, i am still holding your hand and growing old with you.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

3rd wedding anniversary without you.

i lit our memory candle again.
i remember our vows as if it were today!

our most precious grandson is 7 now. 
he has lost 4 teeth.
thomas played regular baseball this year and did very well.
made some amazing plays.  if we could have sat together at
his games.  it was not to be so i go alone.
he is such a little man with a kind heart like you.
he finished first grade today.

i press on with God's grace.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

APRIL 30 2009

4 years since thomas and i relocated to charlotte.  it cannot be true!!!!  4 years this july without him.

thomas michael is now 7 yrs. young.  he is playing baseball and tonight he made 2 triples and scored!!!  i also chaperoned his field trip to the SC zoo.  an amazing day of fun and sore feet.

comments are beginning to be made that i will find someone else.  when i explain that that is not
a possibility because you and i thomas made a pledge to each other that "there will never be any
one for us but each other"  The Lord will give us the desires of our heart and my desire is to
finish my race (journey) alone,  the widow of an irreplaceable companion for life.