Sunday, May 30, 2010


my first mother's day without the beloved, incredible father of my children and grandson.

the absence of his presence is difficult to describe. my heart aches for my children and grandson now that the reality of his going is being fully realized.

thomas michael talks about his Pop Pop almost every day. he has such a healthy attitude about his pop pop that is in heaven with Jesus, yet he was found weeping one morning saying he missed him.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


it has been one year since thomas and i boarded a small plane to relocate to NC.
little did we know that 10 weeks later, thomas would be gone from this life.

nathan told me that he realizes he has to let go of his daddy. i am trying, yet i feel ill at the thought. we are in such a time warp and find it hard to realize he is not here or that a year has passed since we left PA. some day we will live outside of time forever with the Lord.

tia said as she was driving to work yesterday the song And I Will Rise was on the radio. she missed her daddy terribly as that was the final song played at his memorial service. the Almighty One still reaches and reassures each one of us so gently.

we know thomas is safe in the arms of Jesus as aaron shust had sung at thomas' service.