Thursday, July 12, 2012


again we remember and celebrate the life of a man who lived life well--you thomas!

our grandson is losing his first tooth.  so many milestones achieved without you.

all my eternal love, patricia ann

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


this past week, sweetheart, i watched our grandson play in his first all-star T-ball game.
he is such a good little player.  yes we yearn for you to be here, yet we know you are better

oh, tia's car, cell, purse were stolen from my driveway last week.  a terrible mess.
car was found totaled.  she and thomas cried because it was the car you bought for them.

joye mock once remarked. "don't cry for anything that can't cry for you."  in other words--things.

wow we have become unraveled since you went away.


today we were married right about now 30 years ago.
if not for that day, nathan, tia, and thomas michael would not be here.
we miss you every day. it gets so hard sometimes.  we call on Jesus.

thomas told tia 3 reasons he wanted to stay at my house today.
1.  i remind him of you.
2.  he misses me in the day and that makes him sad.
3.  he does crazy projects at my house.

dearest, our grandson is soooooooooo precious.

look for me someday!

all my loving memories.

Monday, April 30, 2012

today i remember again for the 3rd time how i loaded you on that private plane and we were flown to charlotte, nc to start a new chapter in our lives by living near our precious grandson, thomas.

my stomach is upset, yet i am determined to continue my journey.

i recently met an elderly woman in lowe's (your favorite place) who was a widow of 6 months.
we both had the same weed whacker issues.  we talked for quite a long time. i told her how the
lord allowed me to witness your eyes opening and seeing HIS face, not mine, as you took your
last breath.  she said the exact same thing happened with her husband.  we cried.

she said she found hope that after 2 1/2 years i was still journeying.  oh, if she only knew
the strain of remaining here without you, my dearest friend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i miss you, honey.