Thursday, July 9, 2009


thomas said he was hungry and thirsty yesterday evening. he had watermelon, applesauce, jello.
said he would like to take me to italy before he meets jesus at the gate. what a sweetheart he is.

the nutters' formerly from chippewa E.Free and a pastor friend came last afternoon and prayed and anointed thomas and read scripture. how comforted we all were. my mom, nanny, is here for a few days.

thomas michael climbed up in bed with "pop pop" to watch a movie for a tidbit of time. precious.
we told him pop pop will someday sleep and sleep and then wake up in heaven with jesus. he said "when, tomorrow after pop pops nap?" he said i believe in Jesus too!!

thomas had a restful nite of sleep. we are so grateful to the Lord for His grace he has given us.
we cling to every moment we have with the strongest, kindest, pure, dedicated, caring, faithful man we have EVER known. and we have known many of these men. but none like Thomas.

be of good cheer everyone. know that we are being carried in the cradle of the loving arms of Jesus.


  1. My heart goes out to all of you. What a blessing for all of us to see of the strength that God has given you. Please know that our prayers are with you daily.

  2. It was our privilege to be with you and share a special time. Your faith and God's grace is so obvious and abundant to all of you--what an example you are to us. We love you and are praying. Marilyn and Randy